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Terms of business

1. The ordered goods are delivered by Reizl d.o.o. or its partner-supplier, and in case you are picking up the goods in person, the exact address where the goods can be picked up will be indicated in the process of selecting the delivery.

2. The ordered products or services are paid for: according to the offer or by card payment. The ordered goods will be sent upon receipt of payment.

The Consumer Protection Act (N.N.79/2007), Chapter VII applies to the conditions of purchase. – Contract concluded at a distance, from Article 36 to Article 55.


A customer is any legal or physical person who places an order and pays by phone, fax, e-mail or in the online store www.reizl.com (hereinafter referred to as the Customer).

If information about a legal person is entered in the Customer’s data, then the Customer is considered a legal person, and the natural person whose data is entered is considered an authorized person of the Customer.

The seller/intermediary in the trade and the provider of services is: (hereinafter referred to as the Seller).


By accepting the Terms of Sale, the Buyer declares that all the information he has provided about himself is true and complete, that he is capable of doing business and that there are no known obstacles to ordering and purchasing products from the Seller, i.e. for purchasing via the e-shop.


By visiting and using www.reizl.com, you accept communication via electronic means. You hereby accept that all agreements, notices, announcements and other content delivered to you electronically meet the legal framework as if they were made in writing.

If the visitor or user does not have an e-mail address or enters an incorrect one or cannot receive e-mail due to technical reasons, the seller is not obliged to try to inform the user in any other way about the order itself, nor about any other details related to the order, delivery, payment, refund , complaint and the like.

By selecting the option Subscribe to the Newsletter, you give us your consent to include you electronically in our marketing and other activities.


The prices in the catalog are valid for all forms of payment. All prices displayed in the web store are expressed in euros for the end customer. The prices shown are prices without shipping costs, which are calculated at the end of the purchase. The shipping cost classes are listed in the shipping and complaints section.


The goods can be ordered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The goods are ordered using an electronic form via the www.reizl.com website, and the customer receives a notification about the same to the e-mail address. If, for any reason, the Seller is not able to deliver all the ordered items, he will deliver those that he can, listed in the order, and he will inform the Buyer about the deadline and/or impossibility of delivering the rest in writing to the e-mail address. The customer can accept or cancel the delivery of the remaining items. If the Buyer decides to cancel the remaining part of the order, and has already made the payment, the seller will return the money to him no later than within 7 working days from the receipt of the decision on cancellation, by payment to the account. The order is considered received at the moment when the Customer completes the order electronically and the order number is printed on the screen, as well as the notification about the successfully received order.


The customer will receive the order confirmation notification to the e-mail address entered in the electronic form.


On behalf of Reizl d.o.o. – www.reizl.com e-shop undertakes to protect the privacy of all our customers in accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR). We collect only necessary, basic data about customers/users and inform customers about the way they are used. We regularly give customers choices about the use of their data, including the ability to decide whether or not they want their name removed from lists used for marketing campaigns. All user data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need this data to perform their work. All www.reizl.com e-shop employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.


Product information is basic. They are here solely for informational and educational reasons, and do not include all necessary precautions, as well as their mode of action, possible interactions and consequences of their use. We take no responsibility for how you use the product information. Product descriptions are not medical advice or advice for diagnosing or treating your problems. Publications and content found on the site or any part thereof cannot be considered a sufficient basis for making medical, personal, financial or business decisions.

Users assume responsibility for any damage that is a consequence of their activities that are not in accordance with the above, as well as for any other type of damage that could result from it.

Be sure to read the Terms of Use of the site. By confirming the order, the Buyer confirms that he has read the Terms of Purchase and the Terms of Use of the Site and that he agrees with it

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