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Mini bar taster pack

Taster pack - 2 x of 6 Reizl mini bars: €22.20

Included VAT plus shipping costs. Shipping price to Croatia is 5.00€.


Taster pack

Content: 12 x 30g


Save 244.20€ (92%) on quantity

Where do you deliver?

We deliver packages within Croatia, but the plan is to expand delivery to EU countries. If you want to check the availability of delivery to a specific country, please contact us at for more information.

How long does it take to deliver an order?

We send packages on the same day or the next working day from the moment of the order, and delivery is made within 24 hours of sending from our warehouse. The maximum delivery time is 2-3 working days. Please note that we do not ship on Fridays as the delivery service does not deliver on the weekend. The first working day for sending packages is Monday. If you have additional questions about the time required for package delivery, please contact us at

Why is whyte chocolate brownish?

The selection of plant-based ingredients and the influence of the color of coconut flower sugar led to a different shade of color than chocolates containing ingredients of animal origin.

Do snacks contribute to weight loss?

Reizl snacks contain high-quality ingredients that are certified organic and plant-based. This contributes to the variety of nutrients that can have a favorable effect on metabolism

Why there are no artificial sweeteners in snacks?

As a result of extensive research, Reizl snacks have included coconut flower sugar rich in vitamins and minerals that other sweeteners do not have due to the influence of synthetic production.

How are Reizl chocolates healthier than others?

Reizl chocolates are made up of organically grown ingredients. In such ingredients there are no presence of artificial taste or components of GMO origin. All ingredients are plant based and certified vegan making all of the snacks suitable for vegan and vegetarian diet. The ingredients are rich in minerals and vitamins as they were naturally proccessed. On the top of that the sweetness of the snack comes from coconut blossom sugar which has significantly better glycemic index than regular industrial sugar. And to wrap it all up each of our product is packed with certified 100% plastic free and home-compostable wrapper which literally means one can enjoy the snack and place the wrapper into the compost bin.

Ingredients & nutritional values

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