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Naturally more delicious

Treat your cravings with organic and healthy snack

Thousands of chocolates later

We produce benefitial chocolate snacks with nutritional value introducing organic and plant based ingredients.

How are you raising the bar?

Making chocolate and health equivalent terms.

Itʼs often said that chocolate had bad side effects. Too much sugar, palm oil, GMO ingredients and plastic, all make this sweet tasting treat a forbidden fruit.

Our mission is, since the day 1 in 2021, to make chocolate suitable for all the chocolate lovers who are lactose-intolerant, take of their body and take care for health of their closest ones.

Organic and vegan certified

We make sure all our ingredients come from non GMO fields and all chocolate lovers can enjoy raising the bar together with us.
Thorough certifications and safety checks are made constantly in order to deliver best of naturally delicious chocolate snacks.

We are proud to have The European organic food logo on all of our products which is given to all packaged organic food products produced in one of the EU Member States and it officialy confirms that our products have at least 95% of organic ingredients.

We use only top-quality organic ingredients to make snacks healthy, delicious, and 100% natural.

V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered seal for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services established in 1996. All of our snacks are 100% vegan and the seal on the packaging confirms that officialy.

Being vegan or not, people should fully enjoy food and snacks and with that in mind we our very proud to say that all of our snacks are now fully vegan-friendly.

In order to be eligible for plastic-free certificate, products must have a minimum of 99% plastic-free packaging and be approved by experts from “A Plastic Planet” according to the group’s materials evaluation criteria. Plastic-free includes certified EN 13432 compostable biomaterials.

Reizl packaging is 100% plastic-free and 100% home-compostable.

Fairtrade is the most recognized and trusted sustainability label in the world. We are proud to have Fairtrade certificate because we want to give farmers a chance to offer their products on the world market under fair conditions which gives them a chance to live a dignified life and educate their children. We believe in equality of all people and it is very important to us to contribute to achievement of that goal.

100% plastic free & home-compostable packaging

Scientific studies have shown that plastic is responsible for almost 4% of the world’s total greenhous gas emmisions. Our focus on inovation and research introduced 100% home-compostable wrapper for each of our big and mini bars. We are a pivotal producer of both delicious and nature-centered chocolate snacks – because why producing a quick consumting food with a 100-year decomposing wrapper?

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