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    BIG BAR 70g


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    MINI BAR 30g


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    BUNDLE 360g

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100% natural
100% delicious

Maintaining healthy habits with organic chocolates with added fruit. We make sure that all our ingredients come from non-GMO fields so that all chocolate lovers can enjoy raising the bar with us.

When enjoying the most delicious chocolate, we protect the environment with 100% compostable packaging. We are also investing in areas of Slavonia and Dalmatia where fires have destroyed forest areas.

With great power comes
great taste award!

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Compostable packaging

100% organic ingredients

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Reizl snacks – excellent for all senses,
but also for the environment

Maintaining healthy habits with organic chocolates with added fruit. Fill your day with chocolate with a high cocoa content and fruity elements that will brighten your day.

In the production of Reizl chocolates, we always strive for perfection. Natural ingredients and all parts of production, including packaging, every part of the process must be responsible towards nature and the environment. We responsibly claim that we are doing a very good job.

Compostable packaging

Our packaging is plastic free and contains only compostable colors and can be composted at home

Organic origin

100% organic and natural chocolate with 40% less sugar than the industry average.

Recycled materials

Our chocolates are not only excellent for chocolate lovers, but also for the environment

CO2 neutral transport

The entire production process is completely ecological, including carbon-neutral transport

Natural ingredients

The cacao growers we work with grow cacao in the most natural way possible

Full traceability

All our ingredients have a 100% traceable origin. Get to know your food!

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We make our snacks with love, they come in many variants and you'll love all of them!

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